Here are a few tips for traveling by train:

.. in Germany

Traveling across Germany is most convenient by train and you will get to see the countryside. The train service is better than the Germans say it was. (They just love complaining about it.) In order to get information about train schedules as well as to buy tickets online, visit

Keep in mind that train tickets become available online 180 days prior to departure. Before that 180 days period you only get to see train schedule information on the website. If you buy a ticket online, make sure you print the ticket and bring the credit/debit card that you used for paying online. By the way: Train specific, cheaper tickets are more likely available the earlier you buy the ticket. Also good to know: A second class ticket will be perfectly fine and a seat reservation is usually not necessary.

If you want to take your bicycle on the train, make sure the train takes bicycles at all. Some long-distance trains often don't take bicycles or you need to book a spot for your bicycle in advance. In any case, you will need a separate ticket for your bicycle (called 'Fahrradkarte'). It currently is about €5 (short-distance trains) and €9 (long-distance trains).

.. in Austria

Information about train schedules in Austria can be found on

Tip: If your journey includes a train station in Germany, use This website is much easier to use, in our opinion.