Why will you love to cycle the Danube cycle path?

Cycling the Danube cycle path
Cycling the Danube cycleway

We experienced that every cyclist answers this question differently. And there are indeed 1,800 reasons to cycle the Danube - having the river's distance of 1,800 miles in mind. Joking apart, pick your favourite argument from the list below:

  • Spending holidays in a healthy and active way. Take it as relaxing or as challenging as you wish it to be! Cycle every day or take a day off from cycling. You decide!
  • Seeing beautiful countryside: You will be surprised how the scenery changes within a day of cycling or two.
  • Discover various cultures along the way: Think of culinary culture, viticulture, music and other folklore. You will find museums, art and exhibitions.
  • Meeting like-minded people (and possibly making new friends). When cycling with the river stream, you might well stumble upon the same faces every other day.
  • Seeking a challenge. For some cyclists it's the achievement to cycle for a certain time or distance. For others it's the interaction with the locals, overcoming the fear of embarrassing yourself with your vocabulary. Either way, trust us: It will be fine.
  • And last but possibly the best: Creating lifelong memories! When returning home from the Danube you will take away hundreds of memories. They will last for years, if not for your entire life! Priceless, if you ask us.

And there is one more thing that seems to surprise many foreign cyclists along the Danube: Cycling as a mean of spending holidays is absolutely normal! Riding a bike along the Danube is safe. You find family with toddlers, elder cyclists and quite a few 'first-timers'.