Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel between Passau and Vienna

Thank you very much for your interest in our luggage service between Passau and Vienna.

Your advantage:

With your luggage being taken to the next hotel each day you cycle hazzle-free, are able to leave your bicycle alone while exploring the area on foot and manage any ascent in half the time.

You will choose each hotel, inn or guest room yourself. You know beforehand where you stay, what your accommodation will be like and how to get there. No surprises.

How it works:

Each morning, before 9 am, you hand over your luggage to your hotel's reception, hop on your bicycle and kick off the day. Our driver picks up your suitcases and bags later and takes it to the next place. We guarantee having it there before 5 pm. So when you arrive, your luggage awaits you already. In most cases, your luggage arrives well before 5 pm.

To identify your luggage, we provide tags to label your luggage. We expect you to label it before turning it in at the first hotel in Passau. The tags go with your luggage all the way from Passau to Vienna.