Yes, we receive some money when you click (the few) adverts on this website or book a hotel through this website. So keep doing that. Nevertheless, it's not too much. Running and regularly updating the content remains a spare time project, and will always be.

Having said that, any financial contribution is welcome. Feel free to send us a Euro note once you cycle the Danube. Hotels often provide envelopes. Alternatively, wire your appreciation via PayPal (PayPal account e-mail provided on request). Either way, we will be very grateful. And we promise not to spend it on booze nor women, nor useless bicycle gadgets.

Ask yourself: How much would a book be that provides the information given on this website? Take half of that and keep your karma good. :-)

This is our postal address (in Germany):
c/o Andre Volkel
Gluckaufweg 2
08062 Zwickau

Thank you very much in advance!