Guide books covering the Danube in Slovakia and Hungary

While English as a foreign language is gaining importence in the region, German is still understood by elder residents. If you don't speak German, you got one more reason to bring a good map.

Danube Bike Trail 3 guide book

There are two guide books available: the "Danube Bike Trail 3" guide book (by Esterbauer) and the "The Danube Cycleway, Vol. 1" guide book (by Cicerone). We recommend getting the "Danube Bike Trail 3". It provides useful maps at a scale of 1:75,000, route instructions and hints as well as lists of accommodations and camp sites along the cycle path. Your map will be crucial as sign-posting along the way is not perfectly in place yet.

The two books cover the cycle path up to Budapest. The cycle path beyond Budapest is described here.

Continuing literature for the culturally interested cyclist: