Guided walks and tours along the Danube in Germany

A local guide in Passau

We think cycling the Danube without learning about the local history and culture is only half the journey. The guide book that you will use provides a few cultural insights and facts already. Signs along the way provide information about the area as well. However, there is so much more to discover. And the best way certainly is a walk with a local tour guide. The walks usually last for about 60 to 90 minutes and don't cost a fortune.

Here is a list of guided walks that can be joined by individual travelers. All the tours listed are operated in english, unless mentioned otherwise. We will expand the list once we come across additional offers. (Don't hesitate informing us about tours that are not listet here.)

Audio guide (app) for Günzburg

The picturesque town, half a day from Ulm and about 145 mi down the Danube from the source, is covered on the 'Lauschtour' app. We recommend to download both, the app and the English recordings, before leaving home. The app provides a few more recordings in English but none along the Danube.
Once you downloaded the app onto your device, navigate to Günzburg using its map function ('Karte'). Click the Union Jack and press 'Installieren' to download.
<Download on the App Store>   <Download on Google Play>

Guided walk of Regensburg's old town

The Regensburg tourist office offers guided walks in English twice a week (May to October): Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1:30 pm. To join, be at the Old Town Hall before 1:30 pm, admission: currently €10 pp; More information on Regensburg Tourism

Guided walks in Passau

.. are listed here.

And a final thought:

You may consider joining a guided cycle tour. Many itineraries include guided walks at noteworthy places already.