Staying overnight along the Danube cycle path in Germany

Finding a decent place to rest is important. Unless you bring a tent, you will have the option to stay at hotels, inns ('Gasthof' or 'Gasthaus'), private rooms ('Privatzimmer'), B&Bs, youth hostels, holiday appartments and something called a 'Pension'.
A Pension is a small or mid-sized kind-of-hotel with limited service. In any case, it is a save place run by locals. Breakfast is often included. A good way to get in touch with indigene population [:-)]. Room furnishings vary and a grading system exists (from G* to G*****).

At the end of the day, you will most probably end up in a hotel, an inn or a Pension. There are various options to find accommodation along the cycle path:

  • look for 'Zimmer frei' signs and knock on the door (No, you don't need a zimmer here. 'Zimmer' is simply a room.)
  • enter the local tourist offices and ask for accommodation
  • use the hotel list at the end of the Bikeline guidebook and give the landlord a ring (The landlord may not speak English, or only to a limited extend!)
  • or, if you prefer to have your accommodation arranged beforehand, book the place over the internet (scroll down and find suitable hotels listed)

Booking your place for the night is a good for the first one or two nights on the cycle path at least. It will give some peace of mind when you want time to get accustomed to your daily routine.

Selected hotels along the German Danube (between Donaueschingen and Passau)

We think it is helpful to you having an overview over hotels, inns and guest houses along the cycle path in Germany. This gives you the opportunity to better plan your trip and book your preferred accommodation in advance. Below we list cyclist-friendly places with above-average reviews only. The figures ("0.1 mi" for example) describe the distance to the cycle path.

In case you don't like to book all nights in advance, consider booking only the first two nights beforehand and decide about the following stays on a daily basis.

Select the cycle leg by clicking the corresponding headline:

Cyclist-friendly hotels: Donaueschingen to (before) Ehingen

0 mi, Donaueschingen   (21K inhabitants)

Flair Hotel Grüner Baum (3***) 0.8 mi
Hotel Waldblick (3***) 2.0 mi outside Donaueschingen, two miles up the Brigach river, good alternative when arriving in the late afternoon - no time wasted
Hotel Zum Hirschen (3***) 0.5 mi centrally located in Donaueschingen
Hotel Linde (3***) 0.2 mi centrally located in Donaueschingen
Wyndham Garden Donaueschingen 0.6 mi  
Pension La Cascina 0.1 mi
B&B Appartements 0.1 mi open since 2017

23 mi, Tuttlingen [+4 mi]

32 mi, Fridingen [+9 mi]

Hotel Gasthof Sonne (2**) 0.1 mi  

45 mi, near Neumühle [+13 mi]

Gasthof Neumuehle 0.0 mi  

56 mi, Sigmaringen [+11 mi]

Hotel garni Jägerhof (3***) 0.5 mi
Cafe Eichamt 0.3 mi  

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62 mi, Scheer [+3 mi]

Hotel Donaublick (3***) 0.2 mi

65 mi, Mengen [+3 mi]

Hotel Rebstock (3***) 0.8 mi
Hotel Zum Fliegerwirt 0.8 mi  

72 mi, Herbertingen [+7 mi]

Hotel Engel 1.5 mi located centrally in Herbertingen, not at the train station as GoogleMaps suggests (Herbertingen is situated opposite Hundersingen, follow road K8261 in your map in southern direction)

79 mi, Riedlingen [+7 mi]

Gasthof Hirsch 0.0 mi 18 beds, centrally located: Lange Straße 17, closed on Tuesdays
Gasthof Rosengarten 0.8 mi 16 beds, address: Gammertinger Straße 25, restaurant with a new chef opened 2015
Blank's Brauereigasthof Rössle to 0.1 mi Guest house (15 beds), brewery, restaurant and distillery in one place: Von-Speth-Straße 19

88 mi, Obermarchtal [+3 mi]

93 mi, Munderkingen [+5 mi]

95 mi, Rottenacker [+2 mi]

Rosi's Dorfwirtschaft (3***) 0.1 mi  
Sternplatz-Hotel 0.2 mi  
Best Western BierKulturHotel Schwannen (4****) 0.1 mi
Hotel Restaurant Adler (4****) 0.1 mi
Hotel zum Ochsen (3***) 0.1 mi
Gasthof Knupfer 0.1 mi situated along the cycle path, but 1.5 mi before Ehingen
Landgasthof zur Rose (3***) 0.2 mi like Gasthof Knupfer, situated along the cycle path, but 1.5 mi before Ehingen
Cyclist-friendly hotels: Ehingen to (before) Ulm

In Ehingen you got the option to either follow the Danube closely until you reach Ulm or to take a short detour via Blaubeuren and arrive in Ulm as well. The more picturesque route is certainly the detour via Blaubeuren.

We chose the detour via Blaubeuren. On this route you depart from the Danube at Ehingen to the North to Blaubeuren from where you follow the Blau River to Ulm. In Ulm you join the Danube cycle path again. The entire detour follows signpostet cycle paths.

114 mi, Blaubeuren [+13 mi]

Hotel Ochsen (3***) 0.1 mi
Hotel Forellenfischer 0.2 mi situated 1 mile before Blaubeuren

123 mi, Blaustein [+9 mi]

Cyclist-friendly hotels: Ulm to (before) Ingolstadt

128 mi, Ulm [+5 mi]  (119K inhabitants)

ibis Budget Ulm City (1*) 0.6 mi possibly no bicycle shed available
B&B Hotel Ulm (2**) 0.3 mi possibly no bicycle shed available
RiKu Hotel (3***) 1.1 mi situated in Neu-Ulm (right hand side of the river, opposite Ulm), you might be lucky and get a bargain
ibis Ulm City (2**) 0.6 mi next to the ibis Budget hotel
City-Hotel garni 0.6 mi situated in Neu-Ulm (right hand side of the river, opposite Ulm)
Hotel Am Rathaus / Hotel Reblaus 0.1 mi
Hotel Neuthor 0.4 mi  
Hotel goldenes Rad (3***) 0.1 mi  
Comfor Hotel Frauenstrasse 0.6 mi situated at the north-eastern corner of the historic city centre
Akzent Hotel Roter Löwe (3***) 0.4 mi centrally located in Ulm

From Ulm onwards we follow the Danube only. No other detour before long.

141 mi, Leipheim [+13 mi]

Hotel zur Post (3***) 0.3 mi right hand side of the river, take the bridge to get there

145 mi, Günzburg [+4 mi]

LEGOland theme park is only 3 miles away. So the hotels are usually booked very well in summer.
Hotel Guntia 0.0 mi situated at the market square of Günzburg
Hotel Hirsch 0.0 mi situated at the market square of Günzburg
Brauereigasthof zur Münz 0.0 mi situated at the market square of Günzburg
Vienna House Easy Günzburg (4****) 0.4 mi ask for a room heading not towards the garden as there is young folks at evening sometimes
Hotel Römer (3***) 0.2 mi 8 minute's walk to the historic market square, make sure your room is quiet at night
Hotel Goldener Löwe (3***) 1.0 mi  
Hotel Bettina (3***) 0.7 mi
Hotel Zettler Günzburg (4****) 0.4 mi  
Apartment Donautaler Wohlfühloase 1.0 mi exceptional place to rest, self-catering (apartment)
Hotel Restaurant Kastanienhof 0.3 mi
Hotel Kannenkeller (3***) 0.0 mi  
Lodner Hotel Drei Mohren (3***) 0.1 mi
Genieserhotel Lodner 0.1 mi run by the same family as the Drei Mohren
Hotel garni Trumm 0.5 mi
Dillinger Hof (3***) 0.4 mi  
Stadthotel Convikt (3***) 0.3 mi
Hotel Donau 0.2 mi
Hotel im Ried (3***) 0.0 mi  
Posthotel Traube 0.1 mi
Hotel zur Promenade 0.2 mi
Rather unfavourable for cyclists: Hotel M&S garni and Parkhotel both situated outside the historical centre and up on a hillside)
Hotel Schloss Leitheim (4****) 0.0 mi part of a former castle

xxx mi, Neuburg an der Donau

Hotel Gasthof Neuwirt 0.4 mi  
Hotel am Fluss 0.0 mi
Hotel Bergbauer (3***) 0.7 mi

xxx mi, Weichering

Cyclist-friendly hotels: Ingolstadt to (before) Passau

xxx mi, Ingolstadt (135K inhabitants)

Gästehaus Zur Linde 1.0 mi left hand side of the Danube, situated behind the city centre
Hotel Domizil (4****) 0.7 mi nearby Gästehaus Zur Linde
Hotel Bayerischer Hof (3***) 0.3 mi centrally located
IntercityHotel Ingolstadt (4****) 1.5 mi next to the main train station (two miles South of the city centre)
Hotel Adler (3***) 0.6 mi situated nicely in the city centre (near at the pedestrian zone)
Hotel Rappensberger (3***) 0.7 mi centrally located as well
Altstadthotel (3***) 0.9 mi
We left out quite a few Ingolstadt hotels as they are outside the city centre. We think looking for those places to check in and later commuting into the centre to adore the architecture and to taste the food is simply a waste of time. Book more central accommodation!

xxx mi, Vohburg

xxx mi, Neustadt/Bad Gögging

Pension Schwaiger 0.2 mi
Gasthof Gigl 0.5 mi situated in Neustadt an der Donau, all other hotels in this list are in Bad Gögging
Hotel Fortuna 0.4 mi  
Hotel Centurio (3***) 0.5 mi
Hotel Eisvogel (4****) 0.1 mi
MARC AUREL Spa & Golf Resort (4****) 0.5 mi .. in case you miss your daily 18 holes
Once you are in Bad Gögging, take a break at the Limes Therme spa! 1.5 hrs will be enough to recover and see the world in a whole new way. (Currently €9 for relaxing 90 minutes.)

xxx mi, Weltenburg (Monastry)

Gästehaus St. Georg 0.0 mi It's the guest house that belongs to the monastry next door.

xxx mi, Bad Abbach

Gästehaus Lodermeier 0.1 mi situated 3km downstream in a quiet village outside Bad Abbach
Hotel-Cafe Rathaus (3***) 0.1 mi  
Hotel Elisabeth 0.5 mi  
Parkresidenz Hotel Garni (3***) 0.3 mi  
Hotel-Gasthof zur Post 0.4 mi  
Hotel Park Cafe Reichl 0.1 mi
Donau-Hotel 0.5 mi
In order to get to Sinzing, either take the ferry across the Danube in Matting (5 km before Sinzing) or take the walkway on the train bridge across the river (at Großprüfening).

xxx mi, Regensburg (149K inhabitants)

AZUR Camping Regensburg 0.1 mi The camp ground offers wodden barrels as well as what they call 'bike lodges'. Situated 1.5 mi before central Regensburg.
Kneitinger Alter Schlachthof 0.8 mi 0.9 mi downstream, still in walking distance to the old town of Regensburg
Katholische Akademie 0.2 mi Got basically everything one needs. Bring a good bike lock if your bicycle is an expensive one.
Hotel Weidenhof (3***) 0.6 mi Situated in walking distance to the train station.
Hotel Luis 0.5 mi
Bischofshof Braustuben (3***) 0.7 mi 0.9 mi from the centre of Regensburg.
Hotel am Peterstor (3***) 0.5 mi Situated in walking distance to the train station.
Hotel Goldenes Kreuz 0.2 mi  Centrally located.
Elements Hotel 0.2 mi The extravagant pick.
ACHAT Plaza Herzog am Dom Regensburg (4****) 0.2 mi Centrally as well. But no storage for bicycles available!
Eurostars Park Hotel Maximilian (5*****) 0.7 mi In walking distance to the train station.
There are many more recommended hotels in Regensburg, particularly in the old town. Follow the link to one of the hotels above and use the map function to look for other places. Make sure to pick one north of the train station, what is the old town.
Additional budget accommodation might be available on

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xxx mi, Straubing

Hotel Das Röhrl (3***S) 0.0 mi
Hotel Seethaler 0.0 mi  
Gasthof Falter 0.0 mi 10 to 15 minutes walk to the centre of Straubing, being still ok.
Hotel Villa (4****) 0.3 mi Slightly outside the centre but still in walking distance. Very good reviews.
Hotel Theresientor (4****) 0.0 mi Centrally located.
ASAM Hotel (4****) 0.5 mi  
Stadthotel Deggendorf 0.2 mi  
Hotel Donauhof (3***) 0.0 mi 10 minutes to walk into Deggendorf. No problem.
Hotel-Gasthof Höttl 0.0 mi , most central hotel in Deggendorf
The Rilano Deggendorf 0.0 mi quite mediocre reviews, but the situation might have improved with the renovation in 2021

xxx mi, Vilshofen

Wittelsbacher Zollhaus 0.1 mi
Landgasthof Moser (G-3***) 0.0 mi The inn is situated on the left-hand side of the Danube, 1.5 miles downstream.
Hotel Zum Goldenen Anker 0.0 mi The hotel is on the left-hand side of the Danube, 1.5 miles downstream.

.. and last but not least, hotels in Passau: Passau hotels

 budget accommodation,  priced in mid-range,  top-end price range
 3-/4-bedded rooms available
 wellness facilities available: e.g. a sauna

By the way: Feel free to help us improving this listing by providing brief hotel reviews.