Organised Danube cycling holidays in Germany

Here you find tour operators that offer cycling holidays along the Danube cycle path in Germany. If you don't want to organize your cycle tour yourself, they will be happy to help you. They often provide different tour packages, varying in length and qualitiy of the chosen accommodation. We do not recommend any particular operator, nor do we get any commission.

Self-guided Danube cycling holidays in Germany

  • Radweg-Reisen (f.k.a. Bodensee-Radweg Service), Konstanz/Germany: Possibly Germany's biggest operator of self-guided cycling holidays.
  • Eurofun Touristik, Obertrum/Austria: Offers two Danube tour packages and got an English website.
  • TDAGlobalCycling, Toronto/Canada: On their itinerary you will be cycling the Danube from Donaueschingen/Germany to Budapest/Hungary in 17 days (61 miles daily in average). It is part of their 'Orient Express' bike ride across Europe. You will be on this adventure with typically 8 to 30 riders. (vehicle supported cycle tour)

Guided Danube cycling holidays in Germany

  • Mercurio Bike Travel, Zwickau/Germany: The only local tour operator that offers its tours to English speaking cyclists solely, two different routes along the German Danube are currently available. Small groups of up to 15 cyclists.
  • Pedal Nation, Sheffield/UK: More vigorous cyclists shall have a closer look at Pedal Nation's ride from Hook van Holland (The Netherlands) to Vienna (Austria) - between 45 and 75 miles to cycle each day. It follows the Danube from Regensburg (Germany) via Passau (Germany) to Vienna (Austria).

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