Campsites along the German Danube

Km 4 - Pfohren

Riedsee Camping: 1km away from the Danube, 1km west of Pfohren; address: Am Riedsee 11, 78166 Donaueschingen; map

Km 71 - Hausen im Tal

Camping Wagenburg: at the Danube's left bank in Hausen im Tal; address: Kirchstr. 24, 88631 Beuron/Hausen im Tal; map

Km 92 - Sigmaringen

Campingplatz Sigmaringen: at the Danube's right bank shortly before Sigmaringen, 500m west of Sigmaringen Castle; address: Georg-Zimmerer-Straße 6, 72488 Sigmaringen; map

Km 125 - Riedlingen

Campingplatz an der Tennishalle: 250m away from the Danube, right hand side, shortly before Riedlingen; address: Kastanienallee 40, 88499 Riedlingen, phone: +49 (0)7371-13620; map

Km 127 - Riedlingen

Camping Radlerrast: 2km behind Riedlingen, right river bank; address: Vöhringer Hof, 88499 Riedlingen, phone: +49 (0)7371-12574; map

Km 149 - Munderkingen

municipal camp ground: 500m south-east of Munderkingen, right river bank; directions to be found on an information board shortly before Munderkingen, booking over phone: +49 (0)160-8709619 (German mobile phone number!); map

Km 218 - Riedheim (near Leipheim)

Schwarzfelder Hof: 1.5km away from the Danube, left hand side; to find the place follow the signs towards Leipheim but don't go over the bridge (over the Danube), instead: turn around and follow the street towards Langenau/Riedheim for 1.5km, the camp ground will be on your right at a lake; address: Schwarzfelder Weg 3, 89340 Leipheim; map

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