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We would like to provide a platform for you to connect with other Danube cyclists. It does not matter whether you consider to cycle or have already cycled the Danube cycle path.

A forum would be nice. But we are afraid of all the administration behind. Hence we set up this page for you to post anything you like, as long as it is related to cycling the Danube cycle path.

Comment by ibrahim Hassan | 2019-04-07

I am cycling from Rotterdam to Erbil/Iraq in July 2019, along Rhine and Danube river. My question is
1. where is the best place to leave rhine river and join danube
2. is there better route to take to Istanbule

Comment by Gus | 2019-04-12

I am wanting to cycle from Passau to Vienna over 5 days in July. Is there a service that could take my luggage from pre-arranged hotels onto the next hotel (so I don't have to carry my luggage with me)? Thanks Gus

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