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We would like to provide a platform for you to connect with other Danube cyclists. It does not matter whether you consider to cycle or have already cycled the Danube cycle path.

A forum would be nice. But we are afraid of all the administration behind. Hence we set up this page for you to post anything you like, as long as it is related to cycling the Danube cycle path.

Comment by Umesh Ken |

Hi, I am Umesh from India, works in Dubai, UAE. I m planning a cycling tour from Budapest to Vienna. I will be arriving this weekend (7th June). Can you help me with a few questions?
Can i get a cycle in Budapest for rent, which i can deposit back in Vienna? How much per day it costs?
Hope this time of the year is OK for Cycling? Any rain?
On the way i would like to stay in small cities. Hope i can get hotels even without reservation?
Thanks in advance.
Umesh ken, Sharjah, UAE

Reply by Andre

Hi Umesh, start contacting the bike rentals in Budapest:
The cycling season started more than a month ago.

Comment by Eva Draghi |

Good evening, we are three couples (6 people) and we would like to rent 6 bikes to travel the cycle path from Passau to Wien. We ask you the total cost of the rental with return of the bicycles to Wien. Then we will provide the height of the people for the correct size of the bicycle. The period we identified is from 7 August to 15 August (8 days). We hope to use your service. Thanks for the reply.

Reply by Andre

Hi Eva,

On this website you find information how to organise your Danube cycle tour. We do not run any service ourselves. Feel invited going though the 'List of bike rentals between Passau and Vienna'.

Comment by ovsa |

doing some preliminary travel plans.
how much should i expect to pay for train fare from Munich Airport to Passau with my bicycle. thanks

Reply by Peter

Hi ovsa,

At the moment it is €25 for a 'Bayern-Ticket' ticket* plus €5.50 for a bicycle ticket ('Fahrrad-Tageskarte Bayern'). The ticket is valid on all regional trains in Bavaria (Munich Airport to Passau, and return) on the selected day. You can purchase the ticket at vending machines at the station or online in advance. Find detailed schedules (for the next 180 days at least) here: Deutsche Bahn (Don't forget to change the setting: press 'Change' --> then select 'carriage of bicycle') The price of that ticket has not changed in recent years. So it might go up a bit one day - still cheaper than an ordinary ticket (about €36).

* Depending on the day of travel there might be a 'Regio-Ticket Donau-Isar' ticket available instead (€23 then).

Comment by ovsa |

thanks Peter.

Does anyone know if there is a place for bike storage in either Vienna or Budapest where i can store my bike and gear safely while i travel around Europe for a couple of weeks?
I would really like to bring my own bike and gear from Canada, but don't want to haul it around after i finish my trip in Budapest. I'll start in Passau.
Bike rentals seem pretty pricey and i like my own set up for cycle camping.

Reply by Peter

Hello ovsa,

There is a bicycle storage at the main station in Vienna: There is space for 250 bicycles. It is currently €7 per month. I never used the bike storage myself. I assume it is mostly commuters that use the 24 h service on a daily basis.

A second storage is available at Kennedybrücke. This one may offer 24 hrs only (€1), the website did not provide any more details.

Comment by ovsa |

Thanks Peter, thats a big help
I was really hoping to bring my own bike from Canada because , a) it's more economical than renting and b) I like the feel of my own bike . I usually pull a small single wheel trailer with my camping gear. I hope that will work on the Danube trail.
Incidentally I looked up train tickets on the site you mentioned but it doesn't give me the option to buy a ticket for my bike, only shows which trains allow bikes. I might be missing something.
Thanks again

Reply by Peter

If you don't manage to get the ticket online, you simply purchase it from the vending machine at the station. No big deal. It's a separate ticket anyhow.

Briefly about bringing your own bicycle: Traveling with a trailer and equipment for a Europe trip is a good reason to bring your own bike. For a week of cycling only, like Passau to Vienna, a rental bicycle and a pair of panniers (possibly plus a travel bag) should be equally fine. It saves the hassle of getting your bike through the airport (twice).

Comment by roger gayman |

I'm considering the entire Danube-Cycle Path on a Brompton folding bike. Has anyone done this? I would appreciate your impressions and suggestions.

Comment by Victor Sanchez |

Looking for recommendations on a quiet low key camping spot in or around Schologen for cycle camping. The only one that shows up is the big RV/Marina one. Anything else in the area? Thanks

Reply by Peter

Hi Victor, there is another camp ground ten minutes downstream (right-hand side): Camp ground at Gasthof zum Heiligen Nikolaus, <map link>.


Comment by Kim |

We are a small group planning to cycle the path early this summer but we are unsure whether to go Passau to Vienna or Vienna to Budapest. Can anyone suggest one route over the other and why? Either way we'd like to spend time in both Vienna and Budapest. Thanks for your help!

Comment by Victor Sanchez |

i planning my trip from Bratislava to Budapest but i'm not finding any details on cycle paths. Google doesn't show bike routes, my guide book shows the north (slovakia) side of the river and maps. me shows the south (hungary) side. Neither shows a lot of detail. What is the recommended route as far as better cycling paths, surfaces, campgrounds and eateries, etc availability?
if you can list a few way marks i can plot the rest. thanks

Reply by Peter

Hi Victor,

What guide book do you use?

Comment by Victor Sanchez |

The Danube Cycleway.. Volume 1...Cicerone

Reply by Peter

Well, we recommend the guide book from Esterbauer: 'Danube Bike Trail 3' It comes with maps at a scale of 1:75,000. That is more than enough.

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