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We would like to provide a platform for you to connect with other Danube cyclists. It does not matter whether you consider to cycle or have already cycled the Danube cycle path.

A forum would be nice. But we are afraid of all the administration behind. Hence we set up this page for you to post anything you like, as long as it is related to cycling the Danube cycle path.

Comment by ibrahim Hassan |

I am cycling from Rotterdam to Erbil/Iraq in July 2019, along Rhine and Danube river. My question is
1. where is the best place to leave rhine river and join danube
2. is there better route to take to Istanbule

Comment by Gus |

I am wanting to cycle from Passau to Vienna over 5 days in July. Is there a service that could take my luggage from pre-arranged hotels onto the next hotel (so I don't have to carry my luggage with me)? Thanks Gus

Comment by Angie Charles |

I have a very old Cicerone guide and a new one.
There are different routes between Rennertshofen and Kelheim, one along the Danube, one goes up to the Altmuhl, apparently avoiding some industrial areas.
Does anyone have an opinion on which is a better route to take?
Thank you

Comment by Umesh Ken |

I am Umesh from India, works in Dubai, UAE. I m planning a cycling tour from Budapest to Vienna. I will be arriving this weekend (7th June). Can you help me with a few questions?
Can i get a cycle in Budapest for rent, which i can deposit back in Vienna? How much per day it costs?
Hope this time of the year is OK for Cycling? Any rain?
On the way i would like to stay in small cities. Hope i can get hotels even without reservation?
Thanks in advance.
Umesh ken, Sharjah, UAE

Reply by Andre

Hi Umesh, start contacting the bike rentals in Budapest:
The cycling season started more than a month ago.

Comment by Eva Draghi |

Good evening, we are three couples (6 people) and we would like to rent 6 bikes to travel the cycle path from Passau to Wien. We ask you the total cost of the rental with return of the bicycles to Wien. Then we will provide the height of the people for the correct size of the bicycle. The period we identified is from 7 August to 15 August (8 days). We hope to use your service. Thanks for the reply.

Reply by Andre

Hi Eva,

On this website you find information how to organise your Danube cycle tour. We do not run any service ourselves. Feel invited going though the 'List of bike rentals between Passau and Vienna'.

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