Bike Rentals on the Austrian Danube

As a huge number of cyclists start their ride in Passau, the city got three well established rental services. You pick up your bicycle in Passau and leave it in Vienna at a dedicated place. Find the rental services listed below.

Alternatively, you are able to rent a bicycle in Vienna and get to Passau by either train or bus. Quite a few rental services opened in Vienna in previous years. We put together two lists here, the second one for rental e-bikes in Vienna specifically. For the time cycling the Danube, arrange for having your suitcases stored at your Viennese hotel or a luggage storage service. What's the catch? Rental bicycles in Vienna are generally pricier than further upstream, and downstream.

Call for pictures

We would love to provide more pictures of the rental bicycles. So if you got your bicycle from a station in Passau or in Vienna, please take a few pictures and forward them to contribution [at] danube-cycle-path . com   Thank you very much in advance!

Bike rental services in Passau

  • Rent A Bike Passau: Situated at the western end at Passau's main train station, a bicycle is between €11 and €15 per day, open daily (9 am to 12 am and 3 pm to 6 pm, except for Wednesdays) from March to October, bicycle pick-up service: €35 surcharge per bike, available for all accommodations between Passau and Vienna except for some hotels, camp grounds and private places with insufficient bike storage facilities (check their 'No go hotels' list beforehand)
  • Fahrrad-Klinik Passau: A bicycle shop in the old town, close to the last bridge across the Danube before the confluence point (right next to Altes Bräuhaus tavern), bikes from €12 to €15 per day, e-bikes and tandems are available as well, open Mondays to Fridays (9 am to 6 pm, with a lunch break at noon), open also on Saturday forenoons, bicycle pick-up service: €35 surcharge per bike, you are required to return the bicycle to a specific hotel in Klosterneuburg, eight miles before Vienna (Bürgerhaus Salmeyer, map link), The S40 commuter train takes you from Klosterneuburg to Franz-Josefs station in Vienna conveniently within 16 minutes. (tickets around €4.20 p.p. [2020], frequent service, last train leaving at midnight)
Bike shop 'Fahrradladen Passau'
'Fahrradladen Passau'
  • Fahrradladen-Passau: A bike shop at the northwest end of Passau's old town (map link), a bicycle is between €12 and €15 per day, tandems and e-bikes are available as well, open Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm, bicycle return after business hours via lockable bike boxes 150 yds away from the shop, bicycle pick-up service: available for two or more rental bicycles, €35 surcharge per bike, check your hotel with the shop for feasability, if your chosen hotel does not allow a safe return, a 'back up solution' is offered (<at this place>, €10 surcharge)
Click for pictures of bicycles from bike rentals in Passau

The pictures were partly taken while the bicycles were in use. Hence the bikes might be a bit dirty. The bicycles that you receive from your trusted bicycle rental will of course be cleaned.

Bike rental services in Vienna

(Find e-bike rentals in Vienna in a separate list further below)

  • Pedal Power Vienna: provides bicycles as well as guided bike tours through the city; they also offer to support your self-sustained Passau to Vienna cycle tour with start and end in Vienna, providing a bicycle, train tickets to Passau and an Esterbauer guide book
  • ViennaExplorer: offers rental bicycles as well as guided day trips in and around Vienna; you can also rent proper touring/hybrid bicycles including Ortlieb panniers which they deliver to Passau
  • BikeVienna: rent out hybrids (called 'Trekking Bikes') from German manufacturer Diamant (owned by Trek since 2002), the store is situated centrally in Vienna
  • VelopoldVIENNA: offer hybrids ('Trekkingbikes') and E-bikes as well as guided cycling tours of Vienna, situated at Obermüllnerstraße
  • Bike20: offers hybrid bikes as well as Ortlieb panniers and rental helmets; the shop is located in the North of Vienna
  • If you like to cycle for a day in Vienna's famous Prater park rent your bicycle at Bicycle rental Hochschaubahn. The Prater ist where there is the big ferris wheel. (rental station)
  • Another rental service, a bit outside the center but easier to reach via subway, is Copa Cagrana. However, their website is available in German only. Situated in the North-East of Vienna.
  • Donau Fritzi: Quite a bit outside of Vienna you find a bike shop that rents out bicycles as well. Website in German only.
  • Last but not least: In case you like to ride a road bike, a single speed, a folding bike or a cargo bike, visit list'n'ride and find your unusual steed. Locals offer their bikes for rent here.
  • CityBikeWien is Vienna's public rental service for city bikes (a bike share scheme). Once you register yourself online, you can rent bicycles from about 110 rental stations across the city. To register (and to rent a bicycle), you need a credit card (VISA or MaterCard). One bicycle per credit card only. First hour is always free! Hence return your bike throughout your city tour once in a while, leave it there for 15+ minutes and have it for free for another hour. Perfect if you don't intent to leave the city. (closed in 2022)

Many of the bike rental services in Vienna offer their bicycles hourly as well as on a daily basis. Also, the second day is usually cheaper than the first one. Estimate €20 to €30 per day.

In case you don't want to cover the entire distance, consider riding Linz to Vienna only (approx. 232 km). The B7 Fahrradzentrum bike shop in Linz rents out bicycles. Contact the shop well ahead to reserve your bicycle (info {at} b7fahrradzentrum {dot} at, open Tue-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat 9-12am). Have in mind that you need to return the bicycle in Linz.

E-bike rental services in Vienna

Riding e-bikes (or: 'Pedelecs') becomes more and more popular on the Danube cycle path. That's why we list e-bike rental services here. Additionally, above listed rentals in Vienna might offer e-bikes too.

  • Radmechaniker: click on 'eBIKE Verleih', then scroll down to 'CITY-eBIKE' to see the e-bikes and the cost; currently about €25 to €30 per day; website unfortunately in German only; you require to pay a deposit of €50 in advance - which may be the biggest challenge
  • englisch website, yeah!, they will open the shop if you want to pick up your bicycle outside business hours and offer to deliver the bicycle to your hotel in Vienna (BTW: In our experience one battery shall be sufficient. You charge the battery at night at the room.)
  • enzovelo: to complete the list, German speaking website only
  • dieradstation: offers e-bikes and regular bicycles, German speaking website, situated at the main station, extensive business hours (6 am to 8 pm every day)
  • Donau Fritzi: same shop as listed above, German website only, situated in the very North of Vienna