Latest news: Cycle holiday-ing between Passau and Vienna

January 2020: The RadTramper train between Passau and Vienna is history. The train service got terminated with the 2019 season. However, a new bus service from Klosterneuburg (outside Vienna) to Passau will become available this year. Find more information about the bus <here>.

March 2019: A new bit of cycleway, shortly after Melk, just opened. The new, about 1/4 mi long cycleway replaces a bit that didn't keep up with the growing number of cyclists. The new track is 2.5m wide (1.5m before), follows a route further away from the street and now avoids interference with car traffic completely. <map link>
Check out the video at the end of this article (German).

January 2019: Regional trains are now running between Munich Airport an Regensburg. No change need anymore. Doesn't sound big news? Wait for it!
If you wanted to get from Munich Airport to Passau, you had to take a bus to Freising before boarding the train from Freising to Passau. Now you take a train from the airport (towards Regensburg) to Landshut, change trains in Landshut (14 minutes transfer time, same platform) and get to Passau. You can use a Bayern-Ticket (2nd class) ticket for maximum €25 per person. The ticket is valid all day long and available online. Trains depart hourly. Schedules can be found on
Plus: These regional trains take your bicycle - if you had it on the plane.

Danube cycle path between Puchenau and Linz

August 2018: The cycle path between Puchenau and Linz got rerouted over two kilometers (1.2 mi). The new way goes along a three meter wide path next to the Danube. This is much saver than the previous route, alongside a busy, noisy major road. Well done! The new section may not be in your set of maps yet. This is the route of the new path:

February 2018: More of Germany's ICE trains now take bicycles. There is space of up to eight bicycles on selected trains/connections. The space for your bicycle needs to be booked in advance! You also need a spcial ticket for your bicycle (called 'Fahrradkarte', currently €9 per bicycle incl. reservation)

July 2017: From May 2019, Donaubus will offer a river taxi from Ottensheim (10 km before Linz) to Linz and return. The hourly service will cut out some (partly anoying) 10 km and turn it into a relaxing ride down the Danube. We highly recommend to take the river taxi and can't wait to go on the first ride in 2019 ourselves.
Update: The river taxi is available now: Donaubus (German page). The boat leaves hourly 20 minutes after the full hour. Last ride: 5.20 pm. Call +43 699 11 20 61 73 to reserve your seat. Maximum of 12 cyclists fit on the boat! Approx. € 7.50 one-way.