Latest news: Passau to Vienna

August 2018: The cycle path between Puchenau and Linz got rerouted over two kilometers (1.2 mi). The new way goes along a three meter wide path next to the Danube. This is much saver than the previous route, alongside a busy, noisy major road. Well done! The new section may not be in your set of maps yet. This is the route of the new path:

July 2017: From May 2019, Donaubus will offer a river taxi from Ottensheim (10 km before Linz) to Linz and return. The hourly service will cut out some (occasionally anoying) 10 km and turn it into a relaxing ride down the Danube. We highly recommend to take the river taxi and can't wait to go on the first ride in 2019 ourselves.