The 'RadTramper Donau' train between Vienna and Passau

### UPDATE ###

The RadTramper train between Passau and Vienna is history. The train service got terminated with the 2019 season. Luckily, a new, cyclist-friendly bus service from Klosterneuburg (outside Vienna) to Passau became available in 2020. Find detailed information about the bus <here>.

RadTramper train at Passau station

There is a train for cyclists (in particular) that goes from Vienna to Passau and return every day. The train is called 'RadTramper Donau' and operates between May and October. A place for your bicycle is included in the fare of approx. €39 one way. The train starts in Vienna (Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof station) in the morning and arrives in Passau around mid-day. The return journey starts late afternoon (5:44 pm). Kids (6 to 14 years of age) travel at lower fares, maximum €29. Toddlers (below 6 years of age) go free.

There are about 190 seats and 75 slots for bicycles. The composition of waggons can be found online. A reservation for your bicycle is included in your ticket. A separate ticket for your bicycle is not necessary on this train.
The train does not provide a restaurant service. Hence we recommend bringing a packed lunch.

On its way to Passau (main station) the train stops at following places along the Danube: Tulln, Melk, Ybbs, Linz and Schärding. (Schärding, nearby Passau, is situated at the Inn river which tributes to the Danube in Passau.)

The train schedule, and a list of all stops along the way, can be found here: RadTramper Donau (click 'Termine & Preise')

Pictures of the RadTramper Donau train

Here are a few more pictures of the train. Thanks to all contributors! (By the way: Feel free to leave your e-mail address <here> and be asked to fill in a short questionnaire about the Danube cycle path at the end of the cycling season.)

Advise from previous cyclists on the RadTramper Donau train

"We didn’t know which carriage we were to put our bikes on. It turned out that we were the carriage furthest away, so it took some time to get past all the other people and get to the other end of the platform, take our panniers off, and load everything on." ⇒ Arrive early enough and have sufficient time to board the train.

"There is no ramp so travellers need to be prepared to lift the bikes and bags quite high up onto the train." ⇒ If travelling solo, consider asking other cyclists to assist with the boarding.

There is an 'older' and a 'newer' carriage. Both are fine:

Getting there: Vienna Airport <--> Vienna train station

In case you consider getting to the train station in Vienna directly from Vienna Airport: We have not cycled between Vienna Airport and Franz Joseph train station yet but it looks as most of it is on dedicated cycle paths. Calculate about 2.5 hrs for the 23 km. We recommend having the app MAPS.ME on your smartphone. Download the free map beforehand!
[In our opinion: As the train leaves 6:55 am, there might actually be no flight landing early enough providing the time to collect and prepare your bicycle and then cycle to the station. If you consider bringing your bicycle on the plane, you obviously arrive the day before, or earlier.]