Join our WhatsApp group

If you like to stay connected with other cyclists along the trail, come and join our WhatsApp group. The group is called "Cycling Passau 2 Vienna" and open for everyone cycling the Danube. Fill in this form and we will send an e-mail with the invitation link: (In oder to prevent unwanted posts, we had to learn that we need to do it this way.)

In case you need some help to answer the question above, see here: <map link>

We see the group mainly as a safety net, or a backup. We hope it will assist in situations when you want to tell other cyclists what's ahead (bad news AND good news); or in case you want to know what the situation ahead of you is. Hence it's generally a rather quiet group.

We started the group in 2019 and don't know where it leads to but are curious to see. It is sort of an experiment. Feel invited to join. And feel free to leave the group at the end of your bike tour.

A few simple rules:

Please have in mind, when posting:

  • Other members will be cycling the Danube without access to free WiFi, or with a limited data plan only. Hence do not post pictures and videos at daylight - unless it is really important of course.
  • Preferred language in the group is English. Keep in mind that English is only the second language to most riders along the Danube.
  • And please be kind.